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Which Are the Best Casino Management Books?

How many of you believe that gaming at a casino requires skills and knowledge? Casinos keep their players engaged with a variety of games like slot machines, dice games, card games, gambling devices and various banked games like crap, roulette, keno, blackjack, etc. To be the best player on the table, the players must showcase their talents to beat the competitor. From where do these players get the right knowledge? There are many ways to get the skills and experience. Through continuous gaming in a casino, one can achieve practical skills and knowledge required whereas theoretical knowledge can be gained from the best casino books in the market. So, how to choose the best books on casinos?

Let’s consider the top five casino books written by well-known authors to understand everything about casino management.

1) Bringing Down the House: The inside story of six M.I.T students who took Vegas for millions

Author: Ben Mezrich

Published in: 2002

This book is one of the most discussed ones and is widely known to general people. It was published by Free press publishers and the essence lies in the pleasure it gives to the readers. It describes the best strategies to win at a casino. The events stated in the books are also depicted in Hollywood movie 21. The six MIT blackjack students who beat casinos put forth a mathematical model strategy and they could make good money then. The book is non-fictional and sure to attract customers worldwide.

2) Gambling 102: The best strategies for all casino games

Author: Michael Shackleford

Published in: 2005

In this book of Gambling 102 written by the famous author has detailed sections about gambling. The customers get the important strategies that work for different casino games. He has given every minute details about the system in the betting in the NFL sportsbook. You are sure to get professional betting strategies to beat the casinos easily. It has a separate chapter to slot machines to get acquainted with the gambling. This book serves better for experienced gamblers than newbies.

3) American casino guide 2018 edition

Author: Steve Bourie

Published in: 2018

This book written by Steve Bourie keeps on updating with the new tips for the gamblers in some of the specific resorts in the United States. It mainly focuses on customers planning for a casino-oriented vacay. The book is provided with 200 travel coupons that can be used at casinos and also has activities and customer services provided by each resort. It also explains the functioning of games with the best tips and strategies for playing poker, blackjack, roulette, poker, and craps. With the detailed map of locations of gambling spots, this book serves to be one of the best casino books you must follow.

4) Beat the dealer: A winning strategy for the game if Twenty one

Author: Edward O. Thorp

Published in: 1962

The author Edward O. Thorp is the father of card counting after his book Beating the Dealer. In this book, he has proved that card counting can be one of the best ways to beat the blackjack. This book can be used by newbies to gambling and also by professional players. The charts given in the book are really helpful to know the tips and memorize them. 

5) Scarne’s New Complete Guide to Gambling

Author: John Scarne

Published in: 1974

The author John Scarne is regarded as the popular gambling expert ever. He has good magic tricks and card manipulations techniques too. This is a perfect book for newbies as well as professional players. It has strategies and rules, house percentages and odds. The customers can read the detailed betting reviews and instructions to get the best out of every game.

Where should you buy casino books?

To be the best player at any casinos of your choice, there are some important skills you may require: practical skills and theoretical skills. Practical skills can be achieved by playing at casinos continuously. You can get good gaming tricks every time you play with experts. However, theoretical knowledge can only be achieved from the literature that is written by great authors. Getting books online from Amazon and other book sites online helps the customers to read reviews before buying the books. The reviews from already bought customers give you a proper decision on buying. You can also read ebooks available for free online to get acquainted with the best tips and strategies on gambling.

Final thoughts

You may find various gambling books related to gambling. Books help you to win at casinos within no time as they are written by experienced and skilled authors. We advise you to begin with these books. Each book has a unique style with the best tips to win. Be a star performer at your favorite casino!

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