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5 Best Version of Bitcoin Blackjack Worth Your Time

Are you a crypto enthusiast inclined to the fascinating BTC Blackjack game? If yes, having sound knowledge of the game is crucial before signing up with a crypto casino to stake your Bitcoin assets on Blackjack. Bitcoin blackjack is one of the most trending crypto casino games globally.

How to Play Bitcoin Blackjack?

Before you start playing, you must own Bitcoin or can buy BTC at a crypto exchange. Then sign up and link your crypto wallet to the platform account to engage in direct deposits and withdrawals for placing Bitcoin bets at Blackjack.

The primary objective of the bitcoin blackjack game is to defeat the dealer. The player has to draw a hand value higher than the dealer’s hand. The dealer can also lose the game against the player if he draws a hand value that exceeds 21.

Different Types of Bitcoin Blackjack Games

Players should ensure that the bitcoin blackjack casino hosts a wide variety of blackjack games, offers attractive bitcoin bonuses, and operates legally with a license. Continue reading to learn more about the different forms of bitcoin blackjack hosted at top-tier online cryptocurrency casinos.

1. European

One of the few unique variants of Blackjack is European bitcoin Blackjack. It is the game that led to the development of the American version of Blackjack. Players play European Bitcoin Blackjack with two to eight decks of cards. The player has to reach the count of 21 in hand before the dealer to win the game. Generally, the house edge of European Bitcoin Blackjack is 0.42%. If the player’s hand is less than 21, the standard options are Hit, Stand, Double down, Split, and Surrender.

2. Face Up 21

Popularly known as Double Exposure Bitcoin Blackjack, Face Up 21 Blackjack is the game in which both the original hand cards of the dealer Face upward during the gaming session. The player places bets at the beginning of the game and then proceeds to play the options: Hit, Stand, Double down, Split, and Surrender. The game of Face Up 21 is played with cards of up to eight decks. The payout is generally 1:1 for the players. The house edge of Face Up 21 is 0.85%. It is safer to gamble with fewer card decks as the house edge is more for more card decks.

3. Perfect Pairs Blackjack

The gameplay of Perfect Pairs Bitcoin Blackjack is similar to that of European Blackjack. However, in Perfect Pairs Blackjack, the player can engage in extra side betting alongside placing the standard bets. The player wins from the side bet if he gets a pair from the first two dealt-out cards. The theoretical RTP of Perfect Pairs Bitcoin Blackjack is 99.51%.

4. Spanish 21 Blackjack

The famous game of Spanish 21 bitcoin blackjack is played with six to eight decks of 48 cards. The players of Spanish 21 engage in splitting the paired cards to continue to bet with two hands of cards. They may also re-split their cards if they are dealt with another pair of cards. The game of Spanish 21 Blackjack never ends in a draw. The players usually focus on the side payouts to win the game.

5. Classic

Classic bitcoin blackjack is the original version of the blackjack that is available at both traditional and bitcoin casinos. Learning the simple rules of the classic bitcoin blackjack game is very easy. Both beginners and experts find the gameplay of Classic Blackjack exciting. The speculative RTP of Classic Blackjack is around 99.41%.

Benefits of Bitcoin Blackjack

Bitcoin is 100% decentralized. Meaning transactions occur directly between the player’s crypto wallet and the Blackjack casino accepting Bitcoin. Moreover, the transactions take place rapidly, and it is low cost because of the elimination of centralized organizations, thus offering more bonuses to players. The players can verify every transaction as they get recorded in the permanent and immutable Blockchain ledger of Bitcoin. While the transaction details are made public, the private key of the crypto wallet stays completely confidential. For these reasons, playing Blackjack using Bitcoin is preferred to traditional Blackjack gambling by players all over the world.

Final Thoughts

There are several versions of online bitcoin blackjack games available at cryptocurrency casinos. These variants include the all-time favorite Classic Blackjack and popular forms of Blackjack gaming, including European Blackjack, Spanish Blackjack, Power Blackjack, and more. The sole aim behind the bitcoin blackjack game is that the players try to reach a card count of 21 before the dealer wins the game.

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