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ACH Exception Processes Workshop will be Held on 20 October, 2020

Highly Intensive training with interactive scenarios on how to apply best practices to remain in compliance with the Nacha Operating Rules has been added to’s offering. The training will be held on will be held online through WebEx on October 20, 2020, from 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM PDT.

The trainer in this session will provide examples of when to use which form and why plus tying this information back to what the NACHA Operating Rules state to ensure you are in compliance each time you help your account holder with their request.

With the newly adopted Rules change for 2020 with “unauthorized returns” what Return Reason code do I use and why? Return Reason Code R10 or R11 and what is the difference when using these to return Entries as unauthorized? Key points illustrated during this virtual workshop will assist your customer service and front-line staff as well as your operations staff.

During this session, the trainer will:

  • Define the Rules surrounding Stop Payments
  • Identify the difference in the Rules between a consumer and non-consumer Stop Payment
  • List tips that will help customer service and frontline staff to ensure they are asking the right questions of the account holder
  • Outline what an unauthorized transaction is and when to use a Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (WSUD)
  • Identify the differences between using Return Reason Code R10 vs. R11 and what that means to the RDFI when returning
  • Identify training tips for the ODFI to identify the differences between R10 and R11 for Return Entries to the Originator when handling these types of Returns
  • Review timeframes for Stop Payments and Unauthorized Payments
  • Illustrate what constitutes an entry to be returned as authorization revoked vs. Stop Payment vs. Unauthorized
  • Describe through the use of scenarios – the what, when, and how of Stop Payments and Returning Unauthorized Entries

Customer service and operations staff struggle each day with the question from their customer – “What does my account holder want me to do…Stop this payment, return it, or they may be saying they revoked the transaction, or even disputing an unauthorized transaction — what are the next steps?” What form do I need, what do I need to look for to be sure of what I’m doing when assisting my account holder with these delicate situations.

Several scenarios will be provided throughout the virtual workshop to help identify what questions to ask the account holder, what forms to used (based on responses), and next steps to take when returning the Entry.

This session will help answer those struggles and concerns to help the front-line and operations staff determine when to use what form, and what the timeframe is to be able to Stop a Payment vs. outright returning an Entry as unauthorized, vs. authorization revoked.

These two topics continue to be the number one issue in the exception processing of ACH transactions on a daily basis. In addition, the issue with “Do I use R10 or R11 as the Unauthorized Return Reason Code and why will also be discussed in detail.


The speaker Donna is a certified Master Trainer who continually uses her extensive knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and passion for transferring payment processing details while using the adult learning theory is remarkable! Her training style has helped many payment professionals remain consistently informed of the NEW and ever-changing NACHA Operating Rules and explaining how the Rules apply when performing daily operational tasks including complex return and exception processing. She incorporates scenarios and examples in her detailed training, so the Rules are easy to comprehend and apply to real-life day-to-day ACH processing. Donna’s ability to engage the learner through the entire training event helps the adult learner apply what they’ve learned during and after each training session.

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