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Best AI event of 2024 – Dubai emerges as a global hub for AI innovation

Dubai has positioned itself as the hub for collaboration and innovation in artificial intelligence and machine learning, aiming to become a global leader in the technological space. The entire year of 2024 will witness multiple AI- and Blockchain-related events to build a future brimming with tech-powered possibilities and unlock new opportunities for more advancements and innovations in AI.

Dubai has emerged as the foundation for AI’s future with an unwavering commitment to attracting global talent, creating an enabling regulatory AI-powered environment, and fostering innovation. Among several events that are scheduled to take place in 2024, the Global AI Show is a premier, most-awaited AI event that the world is eagerly looking forward to witnessing, along with the ISTDRAI 2024, and Abu Dhabi AI Connect 2024.

Upcoming AI Events in Dubai

Global AI Show (April 16-17, 2024)

Global AI Show

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The Global AI Show 2024, curated by VAP Group, is gearing up to present one of the largest gatherings of AI innovators, talents, experts, industry leaders, and even authorities from the government, who will come together at the exclusive location of Grand Hyatt Dubai to make connections within the AI industry.

The Global AI Show will welcome over 10000 participants and 3000 organizations or more to discuss the effects of AI development on future generations. 300 well-known speakers from around the globe will unite to create an exceptional experience through panel discussions, project showcases, knowledge sharing, learning, networking, and leadership sessions.

The Global AI Show will also showcase responsible AI development and allow participants to navigate through the dynamism of AI technology while fostering network opportunities for potential collaboration and partnerships among individuals and organizations.

AI Festival – ISTDRAI 2024 (18 to 19 November 2024)

The 4th conference on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence will be held in Dubai City from 18 to 19 November 2024, serving as a hub for exchanging groundbreaking ideas, innovations, and discoveries and shaping the future for intelligent systems.

The ISTDRAI 2024 will explore the latest breakthroughs and innovations in AI through discussions and presentations led by global experts and leaders and allow individuals to connect with researchers and professionals in the field, fostering partnerships and driving advancements in Robotics and AI.

The program will welcome over 300 universities, 200 speakers, and hundreds of students participating in 50 sessions, including exhibitions, poster presentations, practical applications, networking opportunities, and future perspectives.

ABU DHABI AI CONNECT 2024 (8 – 9 May 2024)

From 8 to 9 May 2024, the Abu Dhabi AI Connect will be held at the St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort to organize a cutting-edge scientific event and offer a stage for interdisciplinary partnerships and exchanging groundbreaking ideas.

The Abu Dhabi AI Connect 2024 will be the epicenter of innovation, exploring the latest technological advancements in AI, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, Generative AI, and robotics in general. Among the attendees will be top-notch scientists, industry practitioners, AI researchers, entrepreneurs, influencers, and even government entities who will converge to form connections and explore opportunities for future growth in AI.

To learn more about AI’s transformative potential through conferences and events in Dubai, secure a spot today by booking your tickets for the Global AI Show and joining the most significant gathering at the forefront of AI’s revolution.


Dubai plays a transformative role in the AI industry, holding multiple events throughout 2024 to build an international center for groundbreaking AI technology. Dubai’s readiness has made it a premium destination in the Middle East, opening up a new pathway for AI leadership.

The future of AI in Dubai aims to enhance AI and machine learning to improve different aspects of life for the current and future generations and foster unprecedented progress and transformative and efficient solutions. Explore the various AI conferences and events mentioned above to understand the potential benefits of attending them and be a part of the new technology that will help shape our lives.

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