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Clinton’s Avoid Greeting Trump and Family

Donald Trump tried to attack Bill and Hillary Clinton while attending the third and final presidential debate between Hillary and Trump in Las Vegas. The election competitors avoided shaking hands and greeting each other during the start of the event by entering the stage from separate sides.

Where in the previous debate, Trump picked up the issue of the women who accused Bill of rape, assault, and harassment, this time, Trump invited Lydie Denier, the fiancé of Ambassador Chris Stevens who was killed in the Benghazi attacks in 2012, to the debate event to strengthen his team against the opposition.

Apart from all this, Bill Clinton made sure to enter the debate venue in a manner that they can avoid eye contact, shaking hands, or greeting in any way. Trump brought four people who lost their family members by attacks from illegal migrants. He held a press conference with them in advance and raised old issues.

Wang Lin

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