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Despite Matt Damon’s Ad, at a Good Entry Point

Cointelegraph stated in its report that the reaction to Matt Damon’s ads on was extremely brutal. For instance, one of the authors of the publication stated that a Financial Times crypto critic named Jemina Kelly was not happy. The title of her recently published article is “Matt Damon’s crypto commercial is more than a little embarrassing.” She pointed out that the advertisement indicates the important achievements of man while purchasing cryptocurrency. She stated that it is unrealistic as well as cringeworthy. It’s probably true that the ad’s argument isn’t entirely coherent. However, the commercial makes the point that buying cryptocurrency is something that “Jason Bourne” would do.

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Some people don’t even know the meaning of the advertisement. As mentioned above, the Financial Times has already stated that the advertisement went viral after being displayed during the NFL game on television. Another skeptic was much harsher. It was called an “embarrassing cash grab” by the Daily Beast. Matt Damon was advocating a Ponzi scam, according to Carole Cadwalladr of The Guardian. It is directly related to the thesis of Matt Damon in the advertisement. Fortune supports the brave saying about buying crypto. The privileged establishment despises this. They are not ready to hear anything related to finance and investment. They understand that comparing this to man’s greatest achievements is absurd.

Although the platform was successful in drawing attention and that too in a controversial way by using Matt Damon, no one cares for a point in time. After all, his involvement in several action films suggests a tone of thrill when it comes to the idea of crypto investment. is likely to have profited far more than the cost of the advertisement.’s CRO now has a market capitalization of $11.5 billion and is the 17th biggest cryptocurrency. As a result, intelligent investors will begin to put money to work, purchasing additional tokens, especially if the token continues to plummet. According to this CRO price prediction, the current price is making investors buy CRO more for long-term profits.

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