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Drug addiction spoiled Aussie teen Olympian Christie Mokotupu’s bright career

The addiction to drugs may cost you your career. Former Olympian Christie Mokotupu divulged how she struggled with alcohol addiction as a volleyball star. Now she has shifted her focus to support those who are suffering from alcohol addiction.

Christie Mokotupu rose to popularity at the tender age of 17 when she made it to the Australian team for the Sydney Olympics. She emerged as the youngest player in the team. However, soon things went awry when her boyfriend introduced her to drugs at the age of 20.

She confessed that she was not doing anything wrong except having fun. She has turned 32 now, and her real enemies turned out to be alcohol and cigarettes. She also developed a taste for methamphetamines known as ice, cocaine, and party pills.

She now says that taking drugs recreationally is still no good. 

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