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Teenager Abused by Acclaimed Singer Blackburn Claims Gold

Kelly Gold, 60, has claimed that the star singer seduced 15-year-old Jimmy Savile victim Claire McAlpine in 1971 and that she would name the pop star to help police investigate.

The teenager was apparently picked from the show’s audience and had allegedly slept with the veteran DJ as noted in her diary; she, however, withdrew the allegations before dying of overdose later that year.

Ms.Gold, a Top of the Pops regular, claimed she has decided to vocalize the issue following BBC’s disappointing investigation into Claire’s diary.

She wants McAlpine’s voice to be heard, and her death thoroughly investigated. The 1971 inquest into Claire’s death ignored the diary and concluded the teen’s mind was disturbed.

Tony Blackburn, 77,  has strongly denied these claims. He was sacked by BBC in February 2016 amid allegations of noncooperation with police on past sex abuses by Savile.

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