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Gemini ActiveTrader: A professional crypto trading platform

The Gemini ActiveTrader platform is designed for institutional investors and professional traders. It offers advanced charting capabilities, crypto-to-crypto (C2C) trading options, and a more intuitive interface than Gemini’s standard consumer cryptocurrency exchange.

Gemini ActiveTrader promises users a “professional-level” trading experience with access to real-time data from exchanges worldwide. Gemini also offers additional security features like two-factor authentication. It provides anonymity through its partnership with blockchain analytics provider Chainalysis MYKI. One also gets lower trading costs thanks to its algorithmic order types, which reduce users’ exposure to slippage.

Gemini’s ActiveTrader has something to offer those looking for an enhanced crypto trading experience to give them more control over their investments. Read this Gemini exchange review to know more!


  • Advanced charting, complete order book visibility – You can plan and use the advanced charting feature at Gemini. It helps you to work ahead of time, eventually giving you complete order book visibility.
  • Limit orders – Limiting orders is on you because you can set a limit on orders and use the time and attention efficiently.
  • Stop-limit orders – On the contrary, you can always stop-limit orders if you want to continue with unlimited orders.
  • Immediate-or-Cancel (IOC) Orders – There is an option to cancel orders you don’t want to proceed with.
  • Fill-or-Kill (FOK) Orders – It is up to you if you want to complete or reject the orders.
  • Other order types can be executed – A filter on the order types helps you deal with certain order types.

Activate Gemini ActiveTrader

  • Select your account and log in with your unique credentials.
  • Your Gemini ActiveTrader dashboard will now appear, giving you access to features like advanced order types, charting tools, and real-time data.

You can easily switch between the Gemini standard view (for more basic trading) and ActiveTrader for a richer experience.

See how easy it is to access this professional platform?

Activate Gemini ActiveTrader

Create and Execute Trading Strategies

  • Automate your strategies with Advanced Trade Bots and develop robots that trade on logic. It can be done using structured algorithms and API integration tools to connect existing systems.
  • Access the Gemini advanced charting and analytics capabilities to analyze any market quickly or how a particular strategy may affect an asset’s performance over time. The platform also provides customizable price alerts so that users are always aware of price changes as they happen in real-time.
  • Utilize Gemini ActiveTrader Exchange’s extensive suite of features to build multiple trading strategies tailored for different markets and conditions — all with fees you know up front based on our flat rate fee schedule model. Users can also opt for zero-commission transaction processing when trading digital assets through the exchange!

ActiveTrader Fees

  • ActiveTrader offers a dynamic maker-taker fee schedule based on the two major factors below:
    • Gross trading volume 
    • Ability to execute 
      • limit orders, 
      • stop-limit orders, 
      • immediate-or-cancel (IOC) orders, 
      • fill-or-kill (FOK) orders, and more.

Portable Performance Anytime

Mobile trading apps like Gemini can also be used to interact with the crypto and traditional markets. With features such as live charts, news feeds, and technical analysis tools, traders can stay on top of market movements in real time and make informed decisions when buying and selling coins. On top of this, you can receive notifications from major news sources, so you never miss out on important industry developments. Looking for a more serious approach to investing? The Gemini Advanced Trading Platform allows experienced traders to takes trading strategies to the next level! Access advanced order types and margin financing options straight from the app.

High Speed & Security, Top Security


  • The platform also provides extensive charting and analysis tools to help traders make informed decisions.
  • Traders can access real-time market data, technical indicators, backtesting capabilities, and more.
  • The Gemini ActiveTrader platform is equipped with powerful order types that cater to the needs of various trading strategies, such as day trading, swing trading, or scalping. 
  • To further customize their experience, users can tailor the interface to their own preferences by customizing layouts and view settings.


  • For traders who want to stay up-to-date on the latest market news and trends, ActiveTrader also offers a wide range of educational resources. It provides users with access to trading tutorials, webinars, research reports, and other materials that can help them develop their trading skills.
  • Moreover, it has an extensive library of analytics tools that provide in-depth analysis of markets such as futures, stocks, and foreign exchange. It allows traders to make informed decisions when placing trades and helps them maximize profits while minimizing losses.

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