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GOP Debate qualification criteria revealed by CNBC

CNBC has announced criteria for the qualification of the candidates for its main event – GOP debate. According to the network, to qualify for the event, a candidate has to get an average of 2.5% or more support in the average of the polls. Candidates who are able to achieve an average of 1% or more will be invited for “Undercard Debate.” The undercard debate is not a new arrangement as we have already witnessed it twice before. According to set criteria, only Rand Paul seems to have qualified for the Kids Table Event as all other prominent candidates such as Bobby Jindal, Lindsay Graham, Rick Santorum, and George Pataki have not been able to secure even 1% of the average in polls. CNBC will be using polls of ABC, NBC, Fox News, Bloomberg, CNN, and CBS to decide the average polling percentage of candidates.

Wang Lin

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