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Hollywood Determined to Make Up Lost Revenue Due to the Pandemic!

The pandemic has definitely taken a toll on the different industries and has significantly altered the economy of many countries and industries. Perhaps one of the severely hit industries is the Hollywood industry and film production business who had put a stop to all their operations in March that is almost two months back. An industry where time is money, the shutdown has definitely caused a massive quake in the economy of the movie business, especially Hollywood.

With an industry that is critically dependent on operations to generate revenue, retrieving the operations seemed to be the only way.

What is going to happen?

To make sure that Hollywood starts running operations and businesses, as usual, the officials are planning to revamp the operations to a much larger scale to make up for the revenue that is lost in these two months in a much more controlled environment.

The Industry-wide labor-management task force community that governs the operations at Hollywood submitted a standard set of guidelines and rules that will be followed stringently to ensure that the pandemic does not spread further.

The guidelines contain rigorous cleaning routines, social distancing practices, and sanitization procedures that will be followed almost by the hourly basis to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The task force community believes that if these implementations are brought into effect, there is a high probability that the virus does not spread at a rapid rate. The task force also plans on setting up initial filtering stations where the people entering the studios will be checked for symptoms with regard to the coronavirus.

The task force says that the implication of these methods is the only way Hollywood can resume operations and shoots to keep the business running and keep the revenue coming in.

The deed is done!

The guidelines and practices have been submitted to the Governors of New York and California as a combined effort from the Studios, Unions, and the producers to make sure that they can resume operations with a legal permit to run the business under such conditions.

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