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Online Fitness Platforms: Changing Face of Fitness Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has literally transformed industries with organizations across the disciplines, looking at new ways to conduct the business. The fitness industry has also experienced turbulence, and now the popularity of the online classes or online training sessions happens to be on the rise. More and more people are now resorting to the online format of training as the exercises can be done with the help of instructors training health-conscious people at the place of their choice and time. In other words, the trend of online fitness classes is booming thanks to the restrictions imposed by the lockdown across the globe.

Advantages of Online Format

Online fitness platforms offer a number of benefits over their physical counterparts. You can train from the convenience of your home, and there is no concern about contracting the virus – there is no need for you to step out. This also means that no law of social distancing will be violated, and hence, you can stay safe during the turbulent times like the one we are facing today.

NEOU raised $5 million for online training 

One of the credible proofs of growing popularity that online fitness platforms today enjoy is the $5 million capital raised by the NEOU – an online fitness platform based in New York. According to the company’s chief executive officer, Nathan Forster, the organization has been valued at $40 million, which is quite a substantial figure for the online fitness company. The company will utilize the newly raised capital in order to expand its operations and acquire new customers.

Changing Face of Fitness Industry

In the immediate future, the fitness industry is in for a dramatic change. The process of providing training to the people online will help the industry to overcome the concerns related to the spreading of the highly infectious coronavirus disease. But more importantly, this will set the pace for future trends as organizations in the fitness industry have to seriously alter their existing strategies and make way for the newer ones. Important stakeholders in the industry, such as trainers, need to cope with the change and be ready to adopt the online format of training wholeheartedly to sustain the business for longer terms.


In line with other industries, fitness business should seriously need to contemplate the online format of training. It is going to be a Win-Win situation if online training can be implemented in an effective and efficient manner. The need to invest in digital technology is going to be one of the key areas, but rather than considering this factor as a cost, one needs to take it as an investment for a safe future. No one can deny that there is a need to change, and the traditional ways of conducting the business cannot be sustained anymore now.

The convenience of online is going to add extra value to the life of the customer, especially the ones who are time-starved and don’t have the luxury of time to visit the gym for doing exercises. All such professionals can now utilize the convenience of online training classes without making any substantial changes in their work routine. The onus of this transition from the offline format to the online format is on the top leadership, management, or owners of the fitness clubs, gyms, etc. If the people occupying prominent positions in the industry understand the relevance of online classes and lend helping hand to make this change successful, then it will bode well for the whole fitness industry ecosystem in the future.

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