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Hotel-Casinos in Las-Vegas May See More Lay-Offs

Unfortunately, it’s not only the health sector that has been severely affected by the ongoing pandemic Covid-19. Working-class people all across the world have been witnessing a spine chilling job, or financial insecurity as a majority of the industries had to go through a prolonged shutdown.

Many employees had lost their jobs while pay cuts, too, had become quite frequent since when the outbreak took place. Especially those businesses which largely depend upon tourism and are not part of any essential service seem to have landed into some serious troubles as layoffs are not heading towards any halt.

While nations were anticipating to see some steady and gradual recovery, the current scenario regarding the horrific virus is keeping the global economy from any affirmative signals. Lately, updates are surfacing from Las Vegas that hotel-casinos may consider some more layoffs, and this can trigger a sense of fear amongst workers out there.

A few among the casino properties in Las Vegas have given notices regarding mass layoffs since June 4. At the time, hotel-casinos were prepping to reopen after a prolonged (longer than 2 months) and widespread shutdown. The notices complied with the act, which instructs to provide advance notice before significant layoffs. The act has been enforced in order to protect the employee’s financial safety.

Regarding this difficult situation, Brendan Bussmann, director of government affairs for Global Market Advisors stated, “This is an uncertain time, (where companies don’t know) how quickly business may resume.” He added,

Brendan Bussmann said

Moreover, a part of a Penn National Gaming property, Tropicana, has sent a letter to some of their workers, which mentioned that they might face permanent layoffs in the next few weeks or months. This news has surfaced because of an undisclosed number of furloughed workers.

These layoffs updates are indicating what level of havoc has been created owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. The virus is yet to get under control and is continuing to affect the normalcy of common people. It is to be seen how long does the global economy takes to heal the wounds.

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