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How Does Cloud Security Differ From “traditional” Network Security?

An Introduction to Cloud Security & Network Security

There are a lot of innovations and trends that govern the developments in companies across the globe. Out of the major issues that govern the working of companies, security is considered to be one of the most developmental and crucial ones. Companies are always on the prowl to make sure that they are updated to the latest tech when it comes to security. The two most predominant ones that are used in the Security Industry include:

  1. Cloud Security
  2. Network security

These two types of security majorly help develop the integral security structure that protects the data associated with the companies.

The traditional security type is the network security responsible for ensuring that the data is secured using network computing parameters that will help the company protect the data that goes through their database.

The next type is the Cloud security where all the security parameters are taken ahead with the help of cloud computing parameters, and this is probably one of the advanced sets of security. Most of the companies are yet to upgrade to the cloud computing security pattern, and one of the major reasons is most of them think the cloud security is not as secure as network security.

Cloud Security vs. Traditional Network Security

When you consider the fact as cloud security vs. Traditional network security, both of them have some common points of conjunctures. Both of them require increasing storage space, constant monitoring, and high levels of security features that will determine the rigidity. But when you consider them both as two different entities, there are a lot of advantages that can be developed with regard to cloud-based security. Network security is the culmination of hardware and software that will make sure that your database is protected. Most of the data that is being protected in network security is usually a little hard to access when it comes to cloud security.

But there are a lot of problems associated with network security as it requires high maintenance as it involves the usage of hardware and software.

Cloud security, however, on the other hand, is completely in the software realm, and that means that you do not have to depend on hardware that reduces the cost parameter. They also are a pretty permeable system with regard to the development of the security system.

This means that you can make the cloud system as complicated as you want, and this will help you with creating the best of the best techniques to make sure that your database is protected and secured.

How Cloud Security Works?

With cloud security in place, there are a lot of things that come along with the same. Now considering how the cloud security works, it is usually done with the help of cloud computing techniques to make sure your database is stored in a cloud environment. This means that your access credentials will lead you to the cloud management system from where you can access your data. There are a lot of things that concern companies with regard to the data threat in both network and cloud security, but there are some advantages with the cloud-based system that will allow you to choose cloud over traditional IT security.

  1. The whole of cloud computing is entirely software.
  2. You can beef up the level of security using hybrid cloud environments
  3. It becomes a shared responsibility such that there are no negligent security mishaps.
  4. Threats can be easily sourced and rectified much faster.
  5. Upgrading is as easy as a download.


When it comes to Cloud computing vs. traditional network security, most of the applications that are coming out these days are cloud compatible, forcing the companies to move towards cloud-based security. However, this move comes with many advantages in terms of features and strategies that will help you keep your database safe and secure.

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