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Ion Mihai Stelica dumped his model girlfriend for his new lady love

Ion Mihai Stelica enjoys the status of celebrity in Romania. He is often referred to as the Prince of the Gypsies. Ion is known for his interests in beauties and found himself in an awkward position as his current girlfriend (a porn star) attacked his ex (a model) on social media. Ion broke up with his model girlfriend, Renata Gheorghe (30), after meeting with adult porn star Anda Ruga (23). Interestingly, all three posed for cameras when they met at a club where Ion’s ex was visiting his former business partner while Ion came along with Anda. Later, Anda used the photograph to take a dig at the Renata by covering the face of the latter with a sad face sticker and captioned the photograph with “He’s mine! Sorry”. Anda was a medical student before she switched to the porn industry.

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