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Synthetic cadavers are proving instrumental to curb shortages of corpses

In news that could prove instrumental in curbing the shortage of corpses for medical students and industry, a company has come up with synthetic cadavers that exhibit similar characteristics to living human beings. Note only these synthetic models have tissues and organs, but these also act and behave in a manner that can be easily correlated with human beings. The company behind the launch of synthetic cadavers is the SynDaver Labs that was founded in 2004 by Dr. Christopher Sakezles. Christopher wanted to test some medical devices but lacked funds to sponsor animal testing. This led to the invention of synthetic cadavers, and as Christopher explained, this had provided a cost-effective alternative to animal testing procedures. Besides the cost factor, the ethical and moral issues related to medical testing can also be easily circumvented with the help of these synthetic cadavers.

Wang Lin

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