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ISIS released the mass execution video of Yemini Soldiers

In a gruesome video released by ISIS, the execution of 15 Houthi Yemeni soldiers in cold blood was captured on the tape. All these soldiers had knelt on the ground, and torches were flashed on their faces before the ruthless exhibition carried out by ISIS men. The atrocity and cruelness of the act can be ascertained by the fact that all executed soldiers were shown weeping before they were murdered. The horrifying video displayed how the ISIS militants shot the soldiers and then beheaded their hostages without any feeling of remorse. These executions are part of the series of events carried out by ISIS and its supporters in Yemen. Just so you know, ISIS has declared a Caliphate in Yemen and is indulging in the execution of outsiders, especially soldiers, to gain a strong foothold in the region.

Wang Lin

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