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“Ulti-meatum”: The Calorific Burger!

An enormous TV cartoon food has been turned into reality by a chip shop boss, Corinne Clarkson of Lancashire who has made a 10,000 calorie burger. The ‘Ulti-meatum’ as it has been named is a massive cheeseburger that is enclosed within another burger and held by two pieces of bread, also made from burgers. It has been priced at $20 at the Mister Eaters restaurant and is inspired by the ‘Best Burger in the World’ episode of the ‘Regular Show’ on the Cartoon Network. Fans of the show can even have it for free only if they can finish one and the giant burger was made perfect in four attempts. The restaurant owner was a former butcher and has tried making different kinds of burger using traditional recipes while also having ordered huge buns to fit in the meat. He said: ‘We always do extreme things. There’s no point doing something half-heartedly. You have to go to the extreme to get noticed.’

Wang Lin

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