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Travers Beynon is adopting Playboy model to spread wings of its Tobacco Business

Travers Beynon is doing everything in order to promote his tobacco business in Australia. Travers is a managing director and helming the operations of a Tobacco Retailer in Australia. He has built a huge Playboy mansion and posted the pictures of his posh lifestyle to his followers on social media. The former model and Australian rules footballer likes to call himself “The Candyman,” and the inspiration to build this mansion has come from the years of his travel. It is also important to know that Australia has very strict known anti-tobacco laws, and Candyman is using his mansion and posts of his lavish lifestyle to subtly promote his tobacco products. Many guests who had attended Travers’ parties described his events extravagant owing to the use of a lot of strippers, wild animals, and exotic automobiles.

Wang Lin

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