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Jessica Villafane gets her shot at the fame

It is an inspirational story as Jessica Villafane, who started her career by impersonating popular Miley Cyrus is now finding great success. Jessica, aged 20, hails from Florida, and after her first taste of success, she is now in the process of completely transforming her personality by associating with famous Disney characters. In order to attract the attention of her social media fans, Jessica has now been impersonating the famous character of Elsa and Ariel from Frozen and Little Mermaid, respectively. She is uploading makeup tutorials along with her photos on her YouTube Channel and Instagram. The response is tremendous, and Jessica is quite content with the rave reviews she is getting from her followers. She believes it is her shot to fame, and by providing information to her fans about various makeup tutorials, she can have far greater success than impersonating others. 

Wang Lin

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