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Online Casino Bonus: a Complete Guide to Casino Bonuses

In order to attract new players and to maintain the existing ones, the online casinos have rolled out an essential marketing tool, the Free casino bonuses. Earlier it was quite difficult for the players to withdraw the winning due to the trapping tricks and conditions imposed on bonuses. But now the conditions have changed a lot. The gambling commission has changed the terms and conditions and made it possible to get attractive bonuses without hidden conditions and wagering requirements Yes, this is players’ favorable era to avail exciting online casino bonuses. Do you know that casino bonuses are the players’ choice? You might get free money along with many other conditions that you can choose from. The majority of the online casinos offer good bonuses followed by the rights to take an offer needed by a player. 

Get to know the bonus types, the maximum payout, accepted nations, and bonuses based on wagering requirements, etc before signing up at casino games.

How do casino bonuses work?

Do you know the situations where you get bonuses at online casinos? You may get rewards as the welcome bonus for opening an account, betting using real money or when you first deposit money. Welcome bonuses encourage the new players for accepting the terms at a casino. If you fulfill the mentioned conditions, the bonus money will be credited to your account within four business days. This type of bonus offer is quite common and called promotional bonuses and can be seen at many of the online casinos. It’s a true pleasure that online casinos also offer free spins and reloads bonuses where you get a second chance to change the money you lost into winnings that can be withdrawn from the account. This happens at times even if your casino bonus has restrictions. 

Know more on the types of bonuses:

Deposit bonuses

To avail deposit bonuses the player makes a deposit of a certain amount in the account and a percentage of deposited amount will be credited back as bonus. However, it is important to note the conditions and wagering requirements in advance.

No deposit bonus

It is the bonus amount offered without depositing money in prior. This is a risk-free bonus offer and the attractive type that draws many of the players.

Loyalty program

Long-term players! It’s for you. Every casino tries to keep up the best and long term players with them by offering many promotional offers with the loyalty credits.

Free spins

Using a prepaid credit, the player will be allowed for free spins but the winnings won’t get credited immediately. Instead, they are accumulated as credits and once the player fulfills the conditions, real money from the account can be withdrawn as free spin no deposit bonus.


The player gets a portion of the money he lost in a week.

How to calculate online casino bonuses?

It is a widespread question by newbies at online casinos. Each casino gives away different types of bonuses to the players and every bonus has its own wagering requirements too. The bonus amount that is attained by the player is worth it when the conditions favor the player. Try to know the odds before choosing any bonus amount. If truly you believe that the bonus favors the player, you can opt to go ahead. You can try bonus types and it depends on the house edge and is based on the amount you make out of it. To know the bonus amount you make per game multiply the wagering money by the house edge. It is sensible to choose the online casino bonus that has a low house edge before depositing money into it.

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, casino bonuses encourage the players to spend more money on their gambling site. Sometimes you may have to spend more in order to claim the bonus amount you get. Just make sure you are not trapped and at a loss.

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