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ORYX Will Expand Business in Spain with 888casino

Crypto gambling has become one of the most lucrative utilities of cryptocurrencies. Using digital tokens for gambling needs helps with various aspects like speed, accessibility, affordability, and more. These aspects helped the creation of a new breed of casinos working exclusively for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Now, recent developments in the crypto space have helped the coins get the attention of mainstream businesses. Following the trend, many traditional gambling houses have also expressed their interest in digital assets.

ORYX Gaming has announced plans to explore the gambling market of Spain through a partnership with 888casino. As ORYX is reported to have ties with the DeFi, many believe this venture could open up new avenues for crypto gambling. A set of games from ORYX’s collection is currently going live on the 888casino platform.  As per the reports, the partnership also includes some exclusive content and titles from Bragg’s own Atomic Slot Lab and Blue Guru.

The partnership between ORYX and 888casino dates back several years. This comes as a part of ORYX Gaming’s plan for expansion. This new venture in Spain came right after the gaming content from ORYX went live in countries like Sweden and the United Kingdom. In Spain, the partnership expects to bring more regional themed products and games. This will help propel the value of 888casino higher. In turn, the gaming studio will create a stronghold for itself in the country. The studio has already signed partnerships with several licensed gambling platforms in Spain to secure the $530 million market of the casino business in Spain. The studio has also got business deals from 80+ operators, 140+ brands, and three gaming platforms since 2021.

Surprisingly, this new business deal has gotten the attention of the crypto space as a potential way to integrate cryptocurrencies in a huge market like Spain. This assumption surfaced as the studio has reportedly been showing interest in cryptocurrencies lately. ORYX Gaming holds the DeFi platform WIREX that facilitates crypto payments and is known for bringing the first-ever payment card for cryptocurrencies. Through this Platform, the studio could make transactions and payments with cryptos like Dogecoin and more. In order to gamble with DOGE, you need to find the best Dogecoin gambling site, so check out the linked article and get started so that you can earn huge rewards.

Cryptocurrencies are being adopted into mainstream businesses at a rate never experienced before. Even in gambling, the traditional casinos which have been skeptical about digital tokens are looking for ways to enter the market. This is a visible result of the onset of cryptocurrencies that happened in the last couple of years. Reports show that the number of people preferring cryptos is increasing day by day, thanks to aspects like privacy control, tax effectiveness, and global connectivity. With everything being said, crypto gambling is heading towards a brighter future without a doubt.

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