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Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Roulette to Consider

Understanding Bitcoin Roulette

Gambling platforms, currently, are more focused on their objectives of providing the best experience to their clients, and what can be more enthralling than reviving the payment modes with cryptocurrencies, given the plethora of benefits that cryptocurrencies offer.  Bitcoin roulette is the cryptocurrency version of the traditional roulette games and has all the features of its brick and mortar counterpart, but with a lot more convenience to players. Players can make deposits to a crypto online casino with bitcoins or other crypto coins instead of fiat currencies.

How to Get Started Playing Bitcoin Roulette?

Bitcoin roulette games involve the same rules to get started as any other crypto casino game. To get started, the players should go by the following steps:

  • At first, the players need to find a suitably licensed casino that accepts any of their preferred cryptocurrencies
  • Register at the casino
  • Make the required deposit with bitcoin or any other supported cryptocurrencies at the casino. Players can either use the various payment options allowed on the casino or else they can simply credit the bitcoins into the casino wallet
  • Once the required deposit is made in the casino account of the player, they can head towards the game section of the casino to select any of the favorite bitcoin roulette games. Some online casinos also allow players to play the live game with real people hosting the game.

Bitcoin Roulette Basic Rules

Playing a bitcoin roulette is simple, it is the same as the traditional counterpart of the game, with the only difference in the mode of payments. In the bitcoin version of the game, roulette can be played with bitcoin or other supported cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currencies.

The game starts with a spinning disk with dividers at the edge rotating on a bowl pivoted at the center.  As the disk rotates at its own speed, the dealer throws a small ball on the disk, and the bets are to be placed on the probability (eventuality) of the ball landing on any of the 36 brackets in the dividers, and the player wins or loses accordingly. If the ball lands on the desired bracket on which the bet was placed, the player wins and vice versa. Each of the brackets is placed randomly in the dividers and is numbered 1 to 36 with every alternate bracket painted in red and black. The zero-numbered bracket is painted green. 

Expert thoughts on Future Surrounding Bitcoin Roulette

As per statistics, cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, account for about 10% of the total payments made in online gaming. It can be expected that cryptocurrency gambling, like bitcoin roulette gambling, will rise in the future on account of the increasing number of emerging bitcoin casino software developers and interested crypto gamblers.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin roulette sites has its set of pros and cons over traditional brick and mortar roulette games:


No Intermediaries

Blockchain technology is decentralized, meaning that there is no interference from the government or any financial intermediaries, like banks. Players that own cryptocurrencies are the sole controller of their transactions and no one else can take away their crypto coins or freeze their crypto accounts.

Faster Transactions

The absence of any central authorities also renders the crypto transactions faster than any other mode, as all the transactions are conducted directly between the casino operator and the user. The fees are also comparatively lower due to the absence of any central authorities.


Blockchain technology allows players to conduct anonymous crypto transactions. Apart from the wallet address, the players are not required to share any personal information with the casino.


Apart from the anonymity feature that keeps bitcoin transactions secure, the transactions are also immutable that keeps them secure. Once recorded in the blockchain public ledger, the transactions cannot be altered or reversed. Players can check all their money transfers from the payment history in the ledger to ensure the fair operation of the casino.



Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and the prices depend on several factors that are subject to drastic changes within a very short period.

Legal Status not Defined

Cryptocurrencies are still not recognized by many countries and these countries are not providing legal status to cryptocurrencies. Players should, therefore, check the regulations in their respective countries before registering at any bitcoin roulette casino.

Why is Bitcoin Roulette So Popular?

Bitcoin roulette is popular due to the extensive suite of benefits that they offer to players like the security of data, a plethora of game options, lucrative bonuses, the convenience of payments, and faster payouts.

Our Verdict

Bitcoin casinos attract gamblers that prefer to play anonymously in a secure platform where their data is safe. From exclusive games to safety and security, a bitcoin roulette casino is a player’s paradise.

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