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Finance Technology Leverage Attracts $20M Funding Commitment From RCP

Resolute Capital Partners (RCP), a private venture capitalist, announced that they would invest $20 Million in Finance Technology Leverage LLC (FTL), a global private equity firm in its growth stage.

FTL provides capital for innovation in energy, life sciences, industrial technology, and aerospace. They fund big, complicated, and high-risk projects by its subsidiary, Breakwater Insurance, by creating specialized financial structures that help modify the risk to its investors.

Frederick Giarrusso said

said Frederick Giarrusso, CEO, and founder of FTL. He added that today, in addition to aerospace, they are invested in forward-thinking projects in energy and biotech.

FTL’s mission is to realize the potential in technology to advance the dreams of humanity, with the belief that funding innovation in energy, industrial technology, and life sciences has the potential to improve the lives of millions around the world. FTL works collaboratively with management to provide project finance by de-risking the investment. Its approach to financing innovation is created on its expertise in managing risk and structuring finance for large capital-intensive projects.

RCP works in energy, commercial real estate, technology, and other alternative sectors. They bring opportunities to the market, facilitate capital for projects, have an extensive vetting process, and partner with issuers throughout the funding process.

“Rarely is a company created with the vision of solving some of the world’s greatest challenges,” said Thomas Powell, senior managing partner and founder of RCP. Powell also said their investment demonstrates a steadfast commitment to the revolutionary capabilities and overall humanitarian mission of FTL.

RCP follow a three-part approach of explore, learn, and oversee, a strategy informed by experience. They simplify investing beyond Wall Street by revolutionizing how worthwhile projects get funded. Through RCP University, they provide education to their partners and clients before an investment decision is made. They also conduct events and networking opportunities to help their partners and clients about what is happening in the market.

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