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Cloudbric Enters into a Collaboration with Kakao to Build a Better Future

Kakao is a South Korean internet services company who was all over the news for their digital asset wallet in 2019. The wallet is equipped with high performance and security, thereby allowing quick and secure transfer of digital assets. It also enables the users to access their social media accounts, especially the KakaoTalk, to sync with the wallet and allow them to transfer and receive funds with their friends, family, and contacts.

Whereas the Cloudbric is a renowned cloud-based security provider firm based in Seoul capital of South Korea, known for offering several security solutions like WAF, DDoS, and SSL solutions to its users. The main objective of the organization to protect its users from website defacements, identity theft, SQL injection, etc.

After the much-awaited collaboration, users can now take advantage of services offered by Cloudbric, including their Klaytn based cryptocurrency on the digital asset wallet, Klip. The venture services have come into power from 1st July 2020.

The digital wallet services of Klip are now accessible directly through the Kakao Talk. There is no particular requirement to download any apps to login into this wallet. Users can use their existing credentials to log in and access all the services on the Kakao Platform. To further simplify the process, users need to click on ‘more’ icon, which is represented by three dots and click on services then, “Klip” to have direct access to the digital wallet. After opening the wallet, Klip users need to add Cloudbric by clicking on the add tokens option, and they can take advantage of everything.

As the Cryptobric services are also available on the Klip service menu, users can easily store their CLBK rewards, which they have earned while making a transaction using the Cryptobric. It is also expected that in the near future, Cloudbric will also sync up their cryptocurrency risk analyzed app with the Klip services to identify and reduce potential risks involved with the various cryptocurrency applications installed on an individual’s mobile phone. In the end, Kakao and Cloudbric have taken a step towards a safer environment in the arena of cryptocurrency.

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