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Slovakian Artists Painted a Goodbye Message on a Frozen Lake for UK Brexit

Artists from Slovakia painted a goodbye message to give the UK a discourteous Brexit farewell. The farewell message was painted on a lake that is privately owned near the Hrabove village. Hrabove is situated near Bytca in northern Slovakia. 

The European artists made use of food coloring to make the flag on the 193,750 sq ft.

Talking about Britain’s decision on leaving the European Union, Roman Gresak, the man behind the event, said that they don’t encourage Britain’s decision to separate at the time when they all should connect. They believe that this is not a good way to wish Britain goodbye in such a hilarious manner.

Roman Gresak said that they first made the sign and then used more than 70,000 liters of water with food color to make the flag.

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