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Army Bunker To Contain Radiation

The Army and the FBI were taken by ablow when they detected radiation at a former nuclear weapons bunker at Fort Bliss, Texas. An immediate investigation was put into effect to learn about the extent of the contamination caused by the radiation. Nearly 30 people who worked in the bunker were screened through radiation tests.

The reports signified that the aboveground bunker made of concrete was placed in a desert region and was wrapped in layers of dirt. It was used to keep nuclear weapons during the 1950s and 1960s when the world was reeling under the threat of the Cold War. There was also a signboard at its entrance that warned of radiation danger inside the bunker.

In 1966, the Air Force handed over the bunker to the Army but failed to warn the officials about the potential radiation threats. The investigation disclosed the presence of alpha and beta particles on the bunker floor. 

Wang Lin

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