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Stern Warning by Texas Medical Board to Physicians Advertising Covid-19 Cure

The Covid-19 pandemic has created an environment of panic, anxiety, and depression across the world, with millions affected and dead. There has been a scramble to discover a vaccine and a cure that will mitigate this suffering.

Some doctors and virologists have come forward with solutions, but these are doubtful. There have been claims and counterclaims of the effectiveness of the purported cures being bandied about.

To prevent any increasing misinformation, the Texas Medical Board has issued a stern warning that it would act against any physician falsely claiming a cure for  Covid-19.

The tipping point for the warning was the declaration made by a Houston-based pastor and Doctor Stella Immanuel, who publicly touted Hydroxychloroquine as a wonder cure for the Coronavirus without any empirical evidence to back her claims. 

The myth that Hydroxychloroquine can be used to prevent and cure Coronavirus has been around for several months, there is lack of evidence to support this. Multiple studies have shown that the drug has various side effects and can cause heart problems, injuries, and disorders; the Food and Drug Administration has  cautioned people against its use to treat COVID-19 patients.

President Trump has been a staunch believer and has advocated the drug several times on different platforms and has been rebuffed by experts who have asserted otherwise. But he stuck to his stance and, in the breakout’s initial stages ordered millions of Hydroxychloroquine doses from India, the world’s major manufacturer.

The warning from the Texas Medical Board though has not cowed down Immanuel. In a viral video last week, she maintains that Hydroxychloroquine would halt the spread of the virus within 30 days and that it was “fake science” to think that it would not work as a cure.

“Big Tech is censoring Experts and suppressing the CURE. I will not be silenced,” she wrote on her Twitter page. Immanuel claims to have administered the drug to over 400 patients, including diabetics, asthmatics, and the elderly, and there were no side effects.

Owen Easter

Owen Easter is a senior journalist at CapitalBay.News. He has worked as a freelance writer for multiple online science magazines. He updates his readers on the latest medical news, drug updates around the world.

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