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10 Home Remedies for Nausea During Pregnancy

You must be sailing in the excitement of bringing a new life within you, but your body seems to be protesting vigorously. Over 70% of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness or nausea throughout the day, during the first trimester. 

You don’t need to simply grin and bear this discomfort. When your stomach feels like you’re on a rollercoaster, try one of these home remedies for nausea. 

These simple home remedies can help combat nausea during pregnancy without any adverse effects on your baby or your overall health. Natural remedies have a track record of being more effective than any other medication for nausea and vomiting. 

However, it is recommended to consult your doctor before trying out any of these home remedies.

1. Drink A Glass Of Water

Drink a glass of waterWhen you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of water at room temperature, with a little lemon juice. Water not only keeps you hydrated but prevents any acidity that may be a result of morning hunger. 

2. Nibble All Day

Nibble all dayDuring the day, try not to have an empty stomach. You can nibble a biscuit, fruit, or dry fruits. Avoid fatty and spicy foods.

3. Ginger

GingerThe anti-nausea benefits of ginger have been recognized by the World Health Organization. It is mostly used to fight pregnancy-related vomiting and nausea. You can drink ginger-infused water or have ginger tea (ginger boiled in water). Eating candied ginger can also help ease nausea. 

4. Breakfast

BreakfastThis meal must not be missed even during pregnancy. Keep some healthy snacks or crackers by your bedside. Munch on them as soon as you get up. Have a small portion of breakfast along with fresh juice or milk within half an hour of waking up. 

5. Lemon

LemonThanks to its acidic nature, lemon eases nausea by stimulating the enzymes of the liver and pancreas. Besides, it protects the lining of the stomach. It is consumed in the form of juice diluted in water, cold or hot or candied lemon slices.  

6. Herbal Teas

Herbal teasCoffee and, to a lesser extent, tea often contribute to increased nausea. Also, caffeine in high doses during pregnancy prevents iron fixation. Keep sipping herbal teas like chamomile, mint, or ginger to keep yourself hydrated and prevent nausea. 

7. Banana

BananaEat a banana or a few slices of it every day. Rich in vitamin B6, which is considered very effective for morning sickness, bananas can keep nausea and vomiting at bay. In addition, this precious vitamin is essential for the development of the nervous system of your baby. 

8. Avoid Nausea Triggers

Avoid nausea triggersIf you are particularly sensitive to odors during this time, stay as much as possible in well-ventilated rooms, away from kitchen odors or cigarette smoke. There is nothing wrong with asking your partner to brush their teeth more often to avoid nausea triggered by bad breath.

9. Chew On Spices

Chew on spicesFennel seeds or saunf is an effective herb to prevent nausea. Cinnamon or cumin can also be chewed if you experience a vomiting sensation during the day. 

10. Split Your Meals

Split your mealsTake several small meals throughout the day. This helps the stomach to tolerate small amounts of food better than the larger meals. You could have a snack every hour or two, taking care to limit your portions, for example, peanut butter on apple slices, a handful of nuts, or a slice or two of cheese.

Remember to sit upright after every meal. Lying down or slouching may interfere with digestion and add to nausea. Deep breathing exercises and yoga can also help ease the symptoms.

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