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10 Foods That Can Help You Get Rid of Your Party Hangover

Partied real hard last night? 

Getting out of bed seems more difficult than running the 400m hurdle race? 

Don’t worry and don’t repent! 

There are some excellent ways to help you get back to your full spirits again. Just remember, there is no magic hangover cure or any magic potion that can help you instantly. There are, however, some scientifically proven hangover cure foods and beverages that can ease your booze blues and help you resume some level of functioning.

The typical symptoms of a hangover include a banging head, feeling of nausea, off-kilter stomach, body ache, increased sensitivity to light, puffy eyes, or reduced motor capacity. All of these symptoms are caused by changes in the body’s chemical composition (including hormones) and chemical reactions with toxic substances in alcohol. 

Here is a list of the superfoods that you can count on to cure hangover fast and usher a feeling of freshness. 

1. Banana: 

BananaAlcohol lowers potassium levels in the blood. This is what leads to nausea and migraines that can make you uncomfortable. Bananas are rich in potassium and hence help you make up for the deficiency of this nutrient in the body. 

2. Lemon: 

LemonThis is no longer a secret, the lemon has detoxifying virtues, perfect to eliminate toxins and heal a liver too. Hence, it is best to begin your day with a glass of warm water with a whole lemon squeezed in it. It is good for your liver too. 

3. Apple:

AppleThis is usually one of the only things you can swallow when your whole body is sick after a hangover. The fruit is crunchy and refreshes your taste buds. Apples are also the perfect food to counter a hangover because it naturally eliminates toxins and detoxifies the body owing to their high magnesium content. 

4. Ginger: 

GingerGinger is not just an aphrodisiac or the best remedy for cold. In addition to raising the temperature, it has the power to get rid of nausea. However, do not consume it on an empty stomach. You can have ginger tea with lemon and honey for an ultimate cure to a party hangover. 

5. Peppermint: 

PeppermintThe antibacterial properties of peppermint help in soothing the stomach lining after heavy drinking. Its digestive properties help you get rid of bloating, nausea, and improve digestion. Moreover, the refreshing fragrance acts as a mouth freshener to fight against the bad breath from over-drinking.

6. Eggs:  

EggsLoaded with beneficial amino acids, such as cysteine and taurine, eggs help in protecting the liver. As for cysteine, it breaks down the ethanal, a chemical compound, responsible for the headaches associated with a hangover. 

7. Chicken Soup:

Chicken soupWhile this remedy may seem a bit unusual, chicken and noodle soups can actually restore the body’s sodium and fluid levels. In addition, chicken also contains cysteine – the perfect ingredient to give your liver that little boost it so badly needs.

8. Oatmeal: 

OatmealTo cure a difficult hangover, oatmeal is simply a superfood. A good hot bowl of oatmeal is packed with essential nutrients such as vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, and iron. In addition, oatmeal helps the body neutralize acids and increase glycemic levels – which will restore your energy instantly.

9. Milk: 

MilkAcidity is one of the common side effects of a hangover. To calm or soothe the burning sensation, nothing better than a glass of chilled milk (preferably low-fat). In addition to hydrating, milk is perfect for saying goodbye to a headache too, thanks to the potassium and calcium it contains.

10. Fruit Juice: 

To stimulate the recovery of your body, pour yourself a glass of apple juice or cranberry juice. Coconut water is also the perfect electrolyte for curing a hangover. Another unique option is Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) that can help you recover from dehydration. 

Fruit juiceThe Takeaway

Binge drinking can be really fun in the short term but can bring in adverse health problems in the long run. A wild night out can leverage the risks of heart attack, stroke, liver problems, 

dementia, diabetes, pancreatitis, cancer, and many more. 

It is thoroughly recommended to drink in moderation and choose drinks that are low in congeners and thereby, shield yourself from the massive hangovers. Besides the best foods to eat to cure a hangover, getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated, and having a good breakfast are some effective strategies to cure hangovers.

Molly Janus

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