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Trump’s New Guidelines Put International Students and their Families at Risk amidst the Pandemic

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement decides to abrogate the visas of international degree-seeking students. The ICE has decided that if the institutes move to deliver online instruction in the name of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have no purpose other than proceeding with the President’s extreme liberal agenda.

The new guidelines tend to impact the life of non-American students and their families. Along with that, it can also have a substantial impact and associated risks for the CWA members who have been working in the higher education sector. The Trump administration is now making it a compulsion for the international students to be present for the classes amidst the ongoing pandemic. According to the new guidelines, the students have to be present for the regular classes if they wish to stay in the United States.

Opposing the new guidelines issued by the Trump administration, CWA Public Health and Education Workers Vice President, Margaret Cook stated,

Margaret Cook stated

Till now, the Trump administration has been failing to protect its frontline workers during the pandemic. Such guidelines increase the risk of being exposed and accelerate the infections in the communities amidst the country. It cannot be denied that these new guidelines issued by ICE are inappropriate and wrong. CWA is analyzing the repercussions of these new guidelines on the lives of students and their families, and how they can follow health and safety and work for alliances in the country against the impulsive policy.

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