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What Is Ripple and Its Role in Sports Betting


There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the crypto market, and Ripple is among the most popular ones. Created by Ripple Labs, Ripple (XRP) is lucrative and popular when it comes to sports betting and gambling on online platforms. Gambling with Ripple is popular due to its transaction speed, low rates, XRP bonuses, and more. If you are new to Ripple gambling and sports betting, read on to gain more information about Ripple sports betting.

What is Ripple Sports Betting?

Ripple sports betting refers to the use of the XRP token of the Ripple platform for wagering in gambling and betting activities. The advanced technology of Ripple ensures fast transactions at low costs. To engage in Ripple sports betting, one simply needs to sign up with a crypto gambling platform and place bets on Ripple. The top Ripple sports betting platforms that you register with right away include BetOnline, BetDSI, WagerWeb, and more. 

Role of Ripple in Sports Betting

Ripple sports betting is highly popular in the United States. The XRP token of Ripple offers every user placing bets ample betting opportunities. Players gamble and bet with Ripple to receive quick payouts at low costs. Ripple is, therefore, a good choice for betting and gambling online. 

Are Online Ripple Sports Betting Sites Legal?

Most of the online casinos in the United States are legal and open for betting only to players who are aged 18 years or above. However, Ripple sportsbooks online are yet to be legalized in Washington, although no resident of Washington has ever been fined for betting in Ripple. Ripple tokens are easily available for legal purchase on common exchanges. 

Benefits of Using Ripple for Online Sports Betting

The prime advantage of betting and gambling using Ripple is the high speed of transactions. Betting with Bitcoin can be cumbersome as the transactions take too long, thereby delaying deposits and withdrawals. As a result, most gamblers and people placing bets prefer Ripple to Bitcoin. Another advantage of Ripple is the nominal transaction speed. The advantages of Ripple sports betting are listed below:

  • The speed of transactions is very high. As a result, deposits and withdrawals take place in an instant. 
  • The fee of Ripple transactions is as low as 0.00001 XRP, which is quite nominal and very affordable. 
  • The underlying Blockchain technology of Ripple is highly advanced and designed to conduct transactions with high accuracy and 100% certainty. 
  • Most Ripple betting sites in the US have legitimate status.
  • The Ripple sports betting and gambling platforms offer high limits of deposit and withdrawal. 
  • XRP bets often provide players with opportunities to rake in hefty bonuses. 
  • Ripple betting and gambling often ensure same-day payout, which is beneficial for the users. 


It is now evident that Ripple is the best option for online sports betting and gambling. The low transaction fee and high transaction speed make the Ripple token popular among sports bettors and gamblers. Ripple betting ensures instant transactions and quick payouts. Moreover, the security of Ripple betting is top-notch. Therefore, Ripple sports betting and gambling are safe and entertaining. 


1) Where To Buy Ripple for Legal Online Sports Betting?

The most trusted exchanges that allow users to buy and sell Ripple are Kraken,, and Binance. Owing to the lawsuit proceedings against the SEC, Ripple is not available on the top US exchange forums. But it is not a cause for worry as Ripple has a solid legal status. 

2) Is Ripple a Good Investment for Sports Betting?

Ripple is a sound investment for sports betting online. The transaction fee is low, and the players receive payouts on the same day, which helps players to rake in decent returns from the Ripple bets.

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