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10 Reasons Why You Should Consume High Protein Foods

Proteins are commonly known as the “building blocks” of a body. It is not just your muscles, bones, hair, nails, skin, body tissues, but also hormones, enzymes, and antibodies that are made up of proteins. They help create enzymes that regulate our metabolism, hormone production, antibodies, neurotransmitters, and cell growth and maintenance.

High Protein FoodsA protein is a macronutrient, which means that our body needs a significant amount of protein to function properly. The main function of these dietary supplements is not just to feed the muscles; proteins also intervene in the reinforcement of the immune defenses and digestion. They also integrate into several nervous processes and play the role of an energy supplement and builder.

Basically, we cannot work without them. Hence, a high protein diet is a must. Here are 10 reasons why you must add more protein to your diet:

  1. Relieves Acidity: 

Relieves acidityPlant-based proteins rich in chlorophyll can provide the alkaline that our body needs. Whether it’s wheatgrass juice, your favorite spinach salad, or a herbal protein powder with leafy vegetables, your body will thank you for providing the essential vitamins and minerals it needs.

  1. Weight Loss: 

Weight lossOur body is more likely to burn fat when we eat foods high in protein. This is because insulin is not released during digestion and, therefore, it does not block fat metabolism.

  1. Cuts Hunger: 

Cuts hungerA high protein diet or meal is extremely satiating and keeps you full for a longer time. This helps you in reducing the consumption of additional calories.

  1. Increases Muscle Mass: 

Increases muscle massMost bodybuilders vouch for the benefit of protein supplements or protein powder in gaining muscle mass. From strengthening of muscles to preventing muscle loss during a weight loss regime, proteins help you in getting the body you desire to have.

  1. Reduces Cravings: 

Reduces cravingsCraving is not just associated with your hunger. It’s a call of the brain which is difficult to keep under control. Proteins, however, keep you satiated and full for longer durations and thus prevent cravings.

  1. Promotes Bone Health: 

Promotes bone healthA diet with a good amount of protein can help keep conditions like fractures and osteoporosis at bay. It helps build good bone health and is beneficial for women going through menopause.

  1. Stimulates Metabolism: 

Stimulates metabolismCertain foods have a thermic effect. It means that the body uses more calories to digest these foods. Proteins have a high thermic effect and hence can improve your metabolism to help you burn more calories daily.

  1. Manages Hypertension: 

Manages hypertensionSeveral studies have indicated that a high-protein diet can help manage hypertension better. It also helps in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) from the body.

  1. Better Aging: 

Better agingAs you age, your muscles and bones start weakening. Adding protein to your diet will ensure that you do not suffer from age-related disorders. Problems like sarcopenia or frequent fractures can be prevented with this diet.  

  1. Speeds Healing: 

Speeds healingSince your tissues and organs are all made up of proteins, adding foods high in protein content can help speed up your healing process after an injury. It helps you recover better.

Having high protein foods or adhering to a protein-rich diet plan can help you improve your protein intake. It is very important that your daily protein intake is maintained. A protein deficiency can lead to muscle atrophy and impaired functioning of your body.

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