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10 Everyday Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight

We tend to spend a lot of time and energy at weight loss programs, HIIT classes, or the keto weight loss diet to slim ourselves down. But we often remain unaware that instead of following any hyper-restrictive and crash diets to lose weight fast, adopting a few simple habits can help materialize our weight loss fantasies and improve our overall health.

A few minor changes can help you Move More, Eat Less, Look and Feel Better than ever before. Add only one or two of these small changes each week to your daily routine, and you can achieve lasting weight loss results.

  1. Keep a Food Diary

Food DiaryWrite down the amount of food (solid or liquid) you have eaten, and you are more likely to practice portion control. Keeping a diary will also give you an overview of your eating habits. Do you skip meals? Do you eat the same thing during the week and at the weekend? What is the time gap between two meals? How much junk food are you consuming? These are all the points that you can make a note of in the diary. Track them and see how you can control calories or avoid eating out a few times a week. 

  1. Follow Fitness Enthusiasts on Instagram

Fitness Enthusiasts on InstagramSocial media influences us in many ways. Do you follow fitness enthusiasts? No, not gym junkies, real people who are on weight loss journeys. Follow such handles on social media for your daily dose of motivation. You will also get some handy tips on weight loss from them. They can be your virtual fitness partners. 

  1. Stop Watching Cookery Shows or Food Pictures

Stop Watching Cookery ShowsDo you drool over the Instagram desserts and drinks? How many times have you ended up indulging in junk food after reading a review or watching a TV show or video? Watching delicious food can lead to cravings. Avoid these 5-minute dessert and breakfast videos to get better control over your cravings and eat healthy. 

  1. Take the Stairs

Take the StairsIf you have the choice between taking the elevator and taking the stairs, choose the latter as it will help you lose weight. Start with a few floors a day if your home or office is on a higher floor. And if you were already in the habit of taking the stairs, aim to climb 3 more floors per day. If you are on the lower floor, climb the extra floors every day and take the stairs down to work. 

  1. Burn Calories Instead of Fuel

Burn CaloriesDid you know every extra hour you spend driving can increase obesity by 6%? Park your car away from your destination. If your trips are less than 2 km, try to do them by walking fast instead of driving. Or park somewhere where you can make several trips of less than 2 km on foot instead of moving your car constantly. This is very handy when you are either finding a parking spot for work or going to dine out. Parking at a distance will help you take that short stroll and burn a few calories, thus, helping you in your weight loss goals. 

  1. The 3 Bite Rule

The 3 Bite RuleAre you a big fan of desserts? Try the 3 bite rule. Eat only 3 teaspoons of your favorite dessert or any dessert that is served after a meal. Don’t gulp the 3 bites, take your time to enjoy the dessert. Now, take a break. You won’t feel the urge to eat it again. This rule works wonders psychologically and then on your body and helps you lose weight considerably. 

  1. Skip Juices and Eat Fruits

Eat FruitsAvoid fruit juices and eat the whole fruit instead. You will not only bring more nourishing fiber to your diet but you will be satisfied longer. Canned juices no matter how healthy they appear are a total no-no. 

  1. Brush Your Teeth Immediately After Dinner

Brush Your Teeth After DinnerCounteract on the temptation to nibble too many calories late at night by brushing your teeth, flossing, or mouthwash after dinner. The scent of mint is a natural way to reduce appetite and cravings. Do not use mint gums or mouth fresheners as they are high on sugar. Skipping that sugar craving can contribute hugely towards your weight loss aims.

  1. Walk Every Day

Walk Every DayThere are simple ways to make yourself walk more and get thinner: walking around the supermarket before shopping, walking around when you’re on the phone, parking away from the office, walking the dog after dinner, or strolling with your partner. You can even go to the park and play some games with your kids. 

  1. Restrict Unhealthy Food

Restrict Unhealthy FoodIf you are currently eating six unhealthy foods each week, try going down to 5, then to 4 after a few weeks, and so on. Every week, leave one of the high-calorie foods until you are down to one or two a week. At the same time, add a healthy food choice such as carrots, broccoli, oranges, other fresh fruits, and vegetables. You can slim down well through this simple trick instead of going for any weight loss program.

Summing Up

Time For ChangeGood things come in small packages! Incorporating these simple everyday habits into your daily regime bit by bit can help you in your weight loss initiative. 

One important point is to understand where to start off, what works and what doesn’t work for our body. Do not get overwhelmed— pick up one habit at a time. When that sets well into your daily routine, start with another.

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