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10 Foods to Skip in the Morning Meal

One basic principle while starting your day is to abide by the age-old proverb which stands relevant even today:

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper!”

The morning meal is extremely important because our body comes out of a fast of about 8 hours. So, it has been appropriately named “Breakfast”; having a healthy breakfast is considered vital to good health.

The glucose level of your body in the morning is at its lowest and a balanced, wholesome breakfast is the best way to bring it back to its full spirits again. Moreover, in the early hours, your stomach secretes comparatively more gastric juices than at other times of the day. If you skip breakfast, you put yourself abreast with adverse health hazards like stomach ulcers, gastric mucosal damage, and inflammation.

That’s the reason why breakfast eaters are seen to be healthier than breakfast skippers. 

While eating right is essential, knowing which foods to avoid amongst the varied breakfast ideas available is also crucial. Whether you eat a salty or sweet at breakfast, there are some foods to avoid. Heading off to restaurants for breakfast should be always the last resort. 

Here’s a list of those foods that your breakfast table should never be adorned with:

1. Cereals: 

CerealsIt’s one of the quickest breakfast items and major brands have convinced you that it is wholesome and the best breakfast option. But the truth is that cereals are very sweet, high in calories, and low in fiber. Moreover, the packages advise having a small bowl of cereal and we end up eating a bigger portion. Hence, it is better to replace this with hand-rolled oats and muesli which are healthier. 

2. Bread: 

BreadWhile bread is a staple item, it does not contain sufficient nutrients or fiber. It might be a favorite among the easy breakfast ideas, but it adds up calories and a good amount of carbohydrates to your early morning diet. It is best to replace it with Rotis (flatbread native to India) made from whole wheat flour.  

3. Juices: 

JuicesChoosing a fruit juice to rehydrate the body when you wake up may seem logical. However, they are often without pulp and therefore, less rich in fiber. Moreover, the vitamins from the fruit are lost during the juicing process. Also, if you are consuming canned juices, they are loaded with preservatives and sugar. Hence, eating fruit can prove to be a better option than juices.

4. Pancakes: 

PancakesThey are nothing but refined flour and sugar. Top it up with maple syrup or chocolate sauce and it is the worst meal to begin your day with. The sugar dose may make you feel energetic immediately but as the day progresses you will feel fatigued with loss of energy. If you must then opt for whole wheat pancakes with homemade yogurt, honey, and fresh fruits. 

5. Smoothies: 

SmoothiesThose made at home, a definite yes. But if you are consuming smoothies purchased from the supermarket or using premixes for smoothies, you need to stop it. They are laden with sugars and processed fruits and dairy. Choose a yogurt-based smoothie made at home with fresh ingredients. 

6. Butter: 

ButterMargarine or salted butter is unhealthy. It contains trans-fats which can lead to several health problems. You can opt for homemade white butter instead. 

7. Granola Bars:  

Granola barsEven though these bars are rich in fiber content, they have a high sugar content too. Other nutrients like proteins are also low. Consuming a large amount of sugar can increase blood glucose levels, insulin levels, and cause inflammation. Hence, these health bars are not an ideal choice for breakfast. 

8. Sausages: 

SausagesIt may seem to be a part of the wholesome breakfast with eggs and beans but sausages contain more fat than protein. Hence, it’s fatty food and must be out of the breakfast menu. 

9. Jams: 

JamsThe marmalades and jams you bring from the market are no good either. It is obvious that they contain no natural fruit and are full of preservatives and sugar. If you love jams, prepare fresh fruit jams at home. It is extra work, but you are investing on your health.

10. Bacon: 

BaconLoaded with saturated fat and nitrate salt, bacon adds no nutritional value to your breakfast. The high salt and fat content greatly increases the risk of heart disease. So, it is not one of the best breakfast recipes.

Bottom Line:

A well-balanced breakfast with an adequate amount of fiber, protein, and healthy fat can fuel your body with the required energy and nutrients, thus lowering the risk of nutrient deficiencies. Your breakfast should include sources of simple carbohydrates that are easily digested and give you instant energy. It should alongside include complex carbohydrates that will provide you with energy for a longer period.

Pay heed to our advice and avoid the foods mentioned above. Remember also to take note of the healthy breakfast ideas being discussed among your friends and family. Keto breakfast ideas can be another good thing to discover.

Martha Simmons

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