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COTI Token Now Available for Purchase on BitMax Crypto Exchange

Singaporean crypto exchange BitMax listed COTI, native token of the Ethereum-based COTI Network on Thursday. COTI will now be available for purchase using debit and credit cards for BitMax users, making it the seventh coin available for fiat purchases after ETH, BTC, XRP, BCH, LTC, and XLM. In the official tweet, COTI said that as part of the celebration on fiat listing, it is offering users a chance to get a 100% payment subsidy.

COTI Network is a Gibraltar based decentralized payments platform focused on building a decentralized economy for the future. As part of its vision, COTI aims to make the exchange of value between users more accessible and as convenient as sharing information over the internet.

BitMax, on the other hand, is one of the leading crypto trading networks in Singapore and Asia. In a blog post on its website, BitMax informed that the top 50 users by COTI purchase volume would get a chance to avail 100% refund of transaction fees in the form of COTI tokens, up to 100 USDT. The offer, which began yesterday at 10 am EDT, will be valid till 10 am EDT on August 27.

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