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An Afternoon Drinking Session Turns into Rush-Hour Sex

A prominent female barrister, unnamed for legal reasons, and a 51-year-old married father-of-three solicitor, Graeme Stening, were arrested on August 2015 around 7 PM outside London’s Waterloo train station for having sex in public. 

The QC was allegedly seen with her knickers around her ankles by commuters. The police found them drunk and locked in an intimate embrace leaning against the wall outside Waterloo. 

The pair initially admitted outraging public decency though six weeks later, the woman claimed she was too drunk to have consented for sex. She alleged she was victimized and, as a result, is automatically entitled to lifetime anonymity. She has also applied to have her caution revoked.

Mr.Stening was investigated for eight months before he was let go without being charged for molestation. He also denied any wrongdoing; however, he later accepted a caution for the incident.

Wang Lin

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