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Tuschman’s Photographs bring back Artist Hopper’s Paintings to life

Photographer Richard Tuschman has decided to recreate the paintings of Edward Hopper, the realist artist whose works showcased scenes from daily life. Tuschman has embarked on an ambitious project to recreate these scenes from Hopper’s famous paintings through his pictures. Although there may remain minor differences yet Tuschman has tried to recreate them as closely as possible. He has remarked: ‘I have always loved the way his paintings, with an economy of means, are able to address the mysteries and complexities of the human condition.’ Few of the famous scenes are a woman engrossed in deep thought sitting beside a sleeping man, a naked woman looking outside the window, works that depict his vision of modern American life. Hopper’s work has always posed significant questions, and Tuschman’s characters have tried to emulate the scenes. However, although highly inspired, the photographer has also given his unique touch to the images.

Wang Lin

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