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Biden Raises $26M After Announcing Kamala Harris as Vice President

Joe Biden was able to raise 26 million dollars for the presidential campaign within twenty-four hours of his announcement of Kamala Harris as vice-president. This doubled his earlier 1-day record and signaled exuberance among Democrats with respect to selection of first-ever black woman for a presidential position.

Kamala Harris on a Presidential Ticket

On Wednesday, Biden mentioned that the excitement is really palpable at the moment.

Democrats are hoping that these 26 million dollars will be the onset of a prolific fundraiser during the final stage before the elections. Democrats have reached close to the monumental 300 million dollar cash stockpile that Republicans and President Donald Trump reported back in July.

Harris Will Play a Key Role

Harris will have to play a vital role in the fundraising initiatives and as expected, she joined Biden on Wednesday for a fundraiser. During the fundraiser, which took place in Delaware, she addressed grassroots donors and shared details of how the activism of her parents made her interested in politics. Harris said that it is a campaign where we are fighting to achieve the best as a nation.

There are several online fundraisers in the pipeline for Harris since in-person fundraisers are not possible at the moment because of the pandemic.

It is worth mentioning here that she has a strong donor network in California. Also, due to her Asian descent, she can bring in more money into the Democratic party because of her candidacy’s historic nature.

Swadesh Chatterjee, a North Carolina business and many others, believe that someone for the vice-president position from India is like a dream come true. He added that more fundraising could be expected from the large community of Indian Americans.

Biden and the Fund Raisers

If we look back, it is clear that Biden has never been a successful fundraiser. Being a long time Delaware senator, he never needed to create a network of nationwide donors. Also, many of the Democratic fundraisers have expressed dissatisfaction with his interactions with donors.

His campaign was nearly broke when he captured the South Carolina primary, which played a key role in powering him into Democratic nominations. Many believe that announcement of Harris for the vice president position will help in giving the fundraisers a considerable boost.

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