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Binge-watching Zombie Apocalypse led to the murder of Christopher Paquin

In a horrific turn of events, Christopher Paquin was beaten to death by his friend Damon Perry. Both men were residing in an apartment in New Mexico and consuming alcohol in large quantities while binge-watching The Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse on Netflix. Damon claimed that his friend Christopher started biting him while turning into a zombie. In order to save himself, Damon assaulted Christopher, and injuries from Damon’s strikes ultimately proved fatal for Christopher. Damon now held under the charge of murdering his friend, and according to the authorities, he was wielding a knife when they arrived at the apartment to arrest the culprit. On arrival, authorities found Christopher’s body, and after preliminary inspection, Christopher was declared dead. According to the version of Damon, Christopher started attacking him, and in self-defense, he attacked Christopher with a microwave and guitar besides using his hands and legs.

Wang Lin

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