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Bithumb Promulgates the Launch of VSYS Staking Service

Bithumb, a cryptocurrency exchange platform in Korea, is all set to launch a VSYS, a staking system aimed to deliver a decentralized cloud network for better performance and scalability.

In April 2020, Bithumb added another feather in their cap with the declaration of the listing of its V System to accelerate its trading pair with KRW. With the launch of VSYS, Bithumb aims to make crypto trading and management of assets of its users absolutely hassle-free.

Also, Tachyon Protocol, which is a decentralized internet protocol, V system’s one of the touchstones, was set up to ensure high security, non-traceability, and transparency.

With the announcement of Bithumb’s launch of the VSYS staking service, it also rolled out a scheme of 42% annual rewards in the very first week to celebrate its launch.

The VSYS staking system will further enhance the user experience by expanding its presence with influence in the Korean market, pulling in more magnets to build an exponential marketplace for crypto traders.

VSYS 2.0 smart contract by Bithumb

VSYS 2.0 smart contract is all set to make its foot on ‘cloud’ (internet). Bithumb will co-host two pre-launch events with VSYSCoin for its users who have registered in the last two months, as an opportunity for them to earn reward points.

About Bithumb

Bithumb is a South Korea based cryptocurrency and digital asset management based platform founded in 2014. It was founded by Javier Sim. Bithumb evolved with a set of core values, integrity, best service, autonomy and agility.

Bithumb deals in exchange for Bitcoin, Ether, and other emerging cryptocurrencies. Bithumb is also available as a mobile app on android and iOS.

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