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Bluzelle To Yield Scalable Decentralization to Apps Built on Elrond

The Elrond network that enables efficient deployment of dApps and smart contracts for real-world cases, has announced its collaboration with Bluezelle, the serverless and decentralized database for Web3. This integration will enable the Elrond applications to use the fully decentralized database layer of the Bluezelle network.

The launch of Elrond mainnet marked an era of high-speed decentralized applications and scalable crypto payment technology. Since the launch of its mainnet, this new blockchain architecture has already started putting competitive pressures on traditional payment solutions. Bluezelle’s integration will take Elrond’s developments to greater heights.

Since the launch of its mainnet, Elrond team has been looking for ways in which it can transform its economic model by using its native cryptocurrency ERD; this collaboration will make this effort easier for Elrond. It will focus on seamless onboarding among multiple transaction types between different participants. It will also allow the Elrond users to stake, spend, or lend ERD tokens.

The collaboration with Bluezelle will further help the Elrond user to experience faster transactions at a comparatively cheaper cost on the Elrond mainnet, which in turn will provide higher scalability even in the most demanding situations. The fault-tolerant cluster of blockchain networks of Bluezelle will protect the decentralized applications from threats of data breaches, performance troubles, or network failures. Bluezelle was mainly a data storage platform but slowly it developed into a decentralized database solution.

The applications built on the Elrond mainnet will be able to access Bluezelle’s convenient database solutions that are featured with high-performance levels, availability, scalability, and privacy. In its effort to provide Elrond, a fully decentralized database layer, Bluezelle has already begun creating Web3 solutions for decentralized applications.

Bluezelles’s collaboration with Elrond will primarily focus on integrating the 2 decentralized layers, that will enable Elrond’s applications to securely use Bluzelle’s tamperproof and scalable network as their database solutions.

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