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Elrond Joins Hands with Utrust; Enables Digital Payments

The world is rapidly turning towards digital form of payment amid constantly increasing fear of the still ongoing pandemic Coronavirus. Even those who refrained from cashless payment are now changing their preference.

Meanwhile, organizations that have been providing digital payment-related services are brushing up their services as they pull up socks to lead the current cutthroat competition. In the last few months, especially, massive-sized firms have taken giant steps to widen the spread of their services and business. However, since the outbreak occurred, almost every business has seen major dips, and now at least the blockchain and crypto-based companies are stepping forward to see some growth.

Recently, Elrond and Utrust ecosystems have joined hands to execute their services more effectively in a widespread region. Around 180 Countries will be enabled to enjoy the outcome of the said collaboration. With this, around 4.7 million e-commerce websites can accept payments in $ERD.

Utrust operates as a service provider, which assists online businesses to maintain less transaction fraud & costs while holding onto an ideal speed and efficiency. Utrust’s services depend on blockchain technology to quite an extent. It allows businesses to opt for crypto payments also. On the other hand, Elrond is a rapidly growing blockchain-based firm which has spread its wings wide enough to transform the technology space to a certain extent.

Regarding this exciting update, Elrond CEO, Beniamin Mincu noted,

Beniamin Mincu noted

To this, Nuno Correia, Utrust Chairman, also expressed joy while stating,

Nuno Correia said

The way the collaboration is moving forward, we can estimate how an enormous amount of engagement will take place for Elrond token. This will help the crypto token to rich out to the laymen also.

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