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British Columbian Survey Depicts Awareness Among Weed Buyers

In an interesting study commissioned by Pure Sunfarms, British Columbia consumers prefer the weed that is grown without pesticides. However, it has also been found that the majority of buyers are not aware of how the weed is actually grown. The survey was conducted on the second anniversary of the legislative process that made the sale and purchase of cannabis legalized in the British Columbia province back in 2018.

Finer Results

According to the survey results, a total of 72% of the consumers wants to know the actual source of their weed, but only 55% are those who know the source of their cannabis. Exuding confidence in the quality, a whopping 98% opined that it is British Columbia where the highest quality weed is grown. Further, 79% of consumers expressed their desire to purchase weed that is free from any pesticides, while only a small 20% said that they are aware that the chemical pesticides are used in the cultivation of cannabis.

The awareness about the cultivation of unregulated cannabis using pesticides is low, as only 36% are aware of this fact. Further, only 27% of people said that they know that legal cannabis is cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides. The preference for weed-grown without pesticides is on the expected lines as most 80% said that they prefer to buy weed that is free from any harmful pesticides.

The president and chief executive officer of Pure Sunfarms, Mandesh Dosanjh, said that it was clear from the survey results that Canadian consumers are quite concerned about the purchasing of weed. There are clear indications that the quality of the product and its cultivation method is among the topmost priorities of consumers.

Pure Sunfarms is one of the leading organizations in the cannabis sector and working hard to spread awareness about its legal products in the market. This is being done to help customers refrain from falling prey to the black market and its illegal practices. Pure Sunfarms aims to use its 2.2-million square feet area for cannabis production, and once this target is achieved, the total annual capacity of the organization will reach 150,000 kg.


The high level of awareness among customers in the Cannabis industry is a good sign for the long-term sustainability of this business. Especially, the organizations which are using genuine methods and organic way of cultivation are sure to get benefited from this high level of awareness and knowledge among current buyers, and hopefully, it will rub off on prospective buyers too.

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