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FDA submits Guide on the use of Marijuana and Cannabis research to the White House OMB

We might be considering a lot of issues that are more prevalent these days with regard to the usage of drugs and related crimes. However, not all drugs are dangerous, as some have the tendency to make you prone to diseases.

Marijuana and Cannabis, which are organic drugs, are banned in many parts of the world due to the immense problems that come with the use of it. However, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that there is a good side to these drugs. These drugs probably come with medicinal properties that can help with treating ailments with regard to anxiety and depression, and studies have shown that they are much more effective than conventional drugs that are being used to treat such kind of illness.

With Marijuana and Cannabis being legal in most parts of the United States, the FDA is planning to haul the usage of the drugs more to the medicinal aspect. The FDA also predicts that this can also lead to lesser drug overdose cases in the cases of Marijuana and Cannabis.

The FDA is planning to make sure that they are not authorizing to use the crude Cannabis into the medicines rather have the Cannabis Based Derivatives (CBD) out from the organic produce to make sure that they don’t have an adverse effect with the drugs and medicines that they produce for the treatment.

The FDA has submitted a report with the guidance and usage of Marijuana and Cannabis derivatives as medicines to the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The White House will review the guidance submitted and, based on the verdict of the experts who will be verifying the facts and the results in the guidance, Marijuana and Cannabis Derivatives might become legalized for medicinal products throughout the United States.

The FDA spokesperson also said that the move from the White House would help produce products derived from Marijuana and Cannabis. He also reaffirmed that all the details in the guide are purely based on verified scientific experiments and tested Data.

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