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Can Essential Vitamins Prevent or Cure Covid-19

Some say keep drinking hot water only while some advice to turn to alternative medical options like Ayurveda! In the last few months, we could avoid anything but rumors about the pandemic novel Coronavirus.

Masses have this tendency to adapt to the redundant information instead of trying to fetch the ultimate truth. A few claims had asserted that the consumption of Vitamin C and Zinc could keep one safe against the virus. However, the claims do not hold any sure-shot proof as yet. These are only speculations that have come out of the WhatsApp forwards. In the last few weeks, experts and medical professionals have come forward to clarify a few similar things.

Reportedly, what helps to fight the virus is only cautionary measures against infection of the virus. This includes social distancing, wearing an appropriate mask along with personal hygiene. As far as Vitamins are concerned, it is anyway crucial to manage the Nutri-rich diet in order to remain fit regardless of the Coronavirus.

When it comes to vitamin C, it is essential to add in your food as it helps to build better immunity, which in turn, helps to fight the infection. On the other hand, Zinc helps one to treat inflammation in general. It is important to note that, as of now, we do not have any medicine for Coronavirus.

To this, a renowned Nutritionist, Kavita Devgan, states,

Kavita Devgan states

What needs to be highlighted is that, if necessary precautions (social distancing, wearing an appropriate mask, washing hands) are not being performed, one may catch an infection of Coronavirus, and no vitamin can prevent one from getting infected. However, these vitamins are needed to lead a normal healthy life. Also, an ideally healthy person may fight the infection in a stronger manner, possibly.

The disease still holds a lot of chaos, especially its cure, due to a lack of clarity about it. It is very much clear that consuming vitamins cannot be considered as a solution or a cure for the virus. Notably, none of these vitamins have been proved as antiviral. Regarding this, Dr. Sumit Ray has noted,

Dr. Sumit Ray Noted

Meanwhile, the news was also making rounds that HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) is being used as a cure for the disease. It is a medicine that has been in use to cure malaria, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and porphyria. Again, no particular medicine has been found to prevent the infection as yet, unfortunately.

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