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Cincinnati Mother has Spent almost $500000 to become a Real Barbie

Nannette Hammond, a mother of five from Cincinnati, has spent approximately $500,000 to look like a real-life Barbie. The Barbie doll has inspired many women, but Nannette has taken it a step ahead by planning to look like the doll at all times. She underwent breast implants and upliftment along with cosmetic surgery in her late twenties. She strives hard to maintain a tiny 18-inch waist and 28H breast size and is obsessed to the extent that she has semi-permanent makeup, regular tanning sessions, workouts, veneer, Botox, and fillers. She also has to maintain her dyed hair, eyelashes, and nail extensions and has a pink Barbie car. Most of her expenses have been sponsored by her husband, who thinks despite her obsession, she is a great mother and housewife. Nanette always prioritizes her family, and her children are equally proud of their mother’s unconventional look. Most of her pictures on Instagram have been taken by them, and she has 27000 followers. 

Wang Lin

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