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President Duterte Cripples Crime

Rodrigo Duterte, the newly elected President of the Philippian state, has made headlines for forcing strict authoritarian governance in the region. During the elections, Duterte pledged to curb the criminal activities in the Philippines, and with the recent clampdowns by the armed police, his claims appear to become a reality.

An array of reports flooded the media platforms questioning the controversial outlook of the President, adopted towards the state’s law and order. The night-time curfew imposed in Manila by the cops worked as a fuel in aggravating the situation. The official news reports stated that the officials detained young children even if they were with adults, drunkards, and suspicious men throughout the capital city for roaming in the streets at night. Over 20 alleged drug suspects were shot dead by the cops in accordance with Duterte’s aim to save the Philippines from becoming a narco-state.

Wang Lin

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