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Raw yet Beautiful: Angela Gallo Captures Moments Before and After Birth

Pregnancy and giving birth are one of the most decisive moments of a woman’s life, as she enters a completely unknown yet fascinating phase. Angela Gallo is a non-medical birth attendant and a professional birth photographer who captures these excruciating and exhilarating moments on her lenses. Her pictures show women during and after giving birth, which incites both pain and joy. Gallo, however, has a larger picture in mind and is crowdfunding $25000 to travel and capture such photographs from around the world. She wants to use them for a book that would challenge the ‘cultural and social norms’ traditionally associated with pregnancy. Often these make women scared of giving birth as they are made to believe things from friends, family, internet, and other sources. However, many women are now opting for a natural birth, a feeling which Gallo finds is one of the most powerful in the world. She hopes to change the negative perception around pregnancy with her captivating images.

Wang Lin

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