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EOSIO Improves Digital Marketing Standards for AdNode

Mastering digital advertising for maximining returns is like working with a professional who will help you to get the maximum returns on your investments. EOSIO is like a professional that helps to improve the digital advertising experience and make it memorable for users. EOSIO is the next gen blockchain protocol and smart contracts platform that enables to conduct millions of transactions per second. It is powered by the native cryptocurrency EOS.

EOSIO has recently made headlines for helping the EOS VC grant recipient AdNode to combat issues like intrusions, frauds, and useless spending in the digital ecosystem. The integration with EOSIO will help AdNode to improve its digital advertising by automating the reconciliation process. AdNode is a blockchain marketing platform that cultivates cooperation between advertisement buyers and sellers.

AdNode was created with the prime objective to eliminate the problems that existed in the digital advertising space. The co-founder Michael Rodov spent 14 years researching the bottlenecks of the digital ecosystem and came out with the idea of automating the reconciliation processes in the digital marketing forum.

According to Michael, the problem crops up when the billing and the invoicing developed by the ad agencies do not match up with that of the publishers. The digital marketplace is full of ad agencies that purchase adds from the publishers on behalf of the advertisers. They develop billings based on the data measurements like the number of ads viewed by web traffic, the number of ads not viewed, etc.

Publishers owning the ad selling websites also calculate their invoices using some other data measurement techniques; most of the time, the two invoices do not tally and create a host of confusion for both the ad agency & the publisher. Then, it takes a very long time to harmonize and determine what the actual billing should be that puts the media investors in a lot of trouble in allocating their budgets.

Publishers also face the same problems because they fail to optimize their program for more ad inventories that are yet to evolve in the days to come. To overcome these limitations of wasteful ad impressions, a secure blockchain marketing platform, AdNode was created that emphasizes automated reconciliation between the publishers and the ad agencies on the digital marketing platform.

The AdNode team is helped by the EOSIO protocol in its approach to bringing harmony between the publishers and the ad agencies by reconciling the billing process, orders, and invoices at the end of every month. The AdNode team did not bump up to EOSIO protocol by chance, but it thoroughly evaluated all other similar blockchain protocols before selecting EOSIO to aid the team. Accordingly, AdNode’s reconciliation protocol was successfully launched on the EOSIO blockchain network in May 2020.

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